Because two brains are better than one and skills add up, the answer to your problem will always be collective.


Quest for Perfection

Ongoing progress: doing better, even better, always better

In a world where everything is fast, where the knowledge acquired yesterday will be obsolete tomorrow, where disruptive technologies are regularly emerging, we place an important emphasis on personal learning and the optimization of our working methods and processes.

Our motto: Forever Smarter.

Force Collective

A united group to face challenges

Because two brains are better than one and skills add up, the answer to your problem will always be collective.

Tradition Reinvented

An innovative approach, historical expertise.

Since 2010, we have been supporting the communication and marketing departments of large groups thanks to our social media measurement methodologies.


The Metrics Factory was created in 2010 and already specializes in the measurement of digital audiences and the analysis of social networks.

Extending the sources

Development of technologies to analyze Twitch, TikTok, Discord...

Machine learning

Integration of machine learning to detect logos. Creation of the sports and eSport vertical


Their Success, Our Pride

Their satisfaction illustrates our commitment to quality solutions.

"Nous avons travaillé avec The Metrics Factory sur des projets data innovants, où leur expertise et leur connaissance social data étaient précieuses. L'utilisation des données sociales pour analyser en profondeur nos audiences et identifier des influenceurs a aidé à optimiser nos activations numériques"

Head of Data

Secteur Télécom

"La méthodologie innovante The Metrics Factory nous a permis de nous positionner par rapport aux autres tournois et événements. Ces données furent clé pour nourrir nos plans marketing et valoriser nos sponsors."

Responsable Communication

Secteur Sport

"Grâce aux learnings de ses analyses, The Metrics Factory était un partenaire indispensable de notre stratégie marketing au relancement de la marque"

Global Digital Manager

Secteur Food


A united team at your service

Quentin Gressien
Jérémy Danulot
Directeur Conseil
Claire Renault
Directrice Conseil
Benoit Rousseau
Darith Ly
Account Director
Hugo Lèbre
Lead Analytics Engineer
Alexandre Brigand
Senior Insight Manager
Julie Dechelle
Research Manager
Clément Joffrin
Consultant Senior Sport
Valentin Coustel
Consultant Sport
Paul Morvan
Consultant Sport
Khanh Huyen Hoang
Social Data Analyst
William Nguyen
Consultant Social Data
Théo Xu
Consultant Social Data
Paya Massoumi
Consultant Social Data
Cristina Villanueva
Consultante Social Data
Nuriyé Sahin
Social Media Manager

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Consultant(e) Social Data

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